Not a Regular Cloud Kitchen; it’s a Cloud 9 Kitchen.

Your Brand can be mobilized from anywhere in the world to deliver to Egypt. Hop on our cloud, join in the success and spread happiness.

Our Values

We take care of
the whole lifecycle for your brand.

Brito Cloud Kitchens LLC – Egypt owns and operates a series of smartly distributed, and fully operated Cloud Kitchens all over Egypt helping international brands to expand their presence and delivery to the Egyptian market in no time and with minimum investment. We help restaurants and food concepts to take advantage of a huge market and expand in a wisely calculated approach to ensure a speedy go to market, consistency of their food taste and convenience to their new wide audience.


Egypt’s appetite for food delivery:

105 million population
USD 6.2 billion restaurant market size
USD 2.4 billion food delivery (40% of the market)
USD 89 million online food delivery (2021)
70% growth rate in 2021
6.8 million online food ordering users
125,000 daily transactions
9,000+ restaurants delivering food


With Brito:
Go Big, Grow Fast!


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